Power within you

Some days are longer than others
Some tears fall faster 
Some words won't be spoken
Some hearts will be broken.

Accidents happen
Reality can be cruel
Moments escape us
Time we wish we had back,

Believe in tomorrow
No matter the pain of today.
Strength is within you.

Do not fear the darkness in front of you,
It is your road to lighten. 
The path behind you 
didn't break you.
The path you walk now...
Let it empower you!

Better alone

I'm going to make you love me!

I'm going to show you why!

I'm going to tell you everything
on why I can make you mine.

I know I could make you happy
I know I could keep you smiling
I know I could love you better 
than the last one who tried.

I don't ask for much
I don't need a lot
I can have fun with the lights on
or in the dark. ;)

Wait a minute
Here's a thought
Maybe it isn't me that's lost?

I can take care of me.
I can make me laugh.
I'm smoking hot in just about anything.
I live pretty well independently.
I wanted you, but I don't need to have you.

 What could have been we will never know
You couldn't see 
The awesome person
That is ME!!

Lost Lovers

I wanna believe
I wanna see
I wanna know
There is happily
to be.

Where do you look
When you want to find
That next challenge 
for your heart 
to be blind?

You know that feeling...

When they first see you?
Those eyes light up
Those lips part
A slight lick of their lips 
and you find...

This is the moment
This is the time
This is the one 
always on your mind.

Where are they though?
Where is that moment to be?
You finding yourself 
Looking too closely?

"They" say when you aren't looking
you will find the one
who will blow your mind.

"They" say a lot of things!
Some are fun to say too.
Some just make me 

The one about 
"Letting them go 
and hope they find their way...back"
That one happens too much

Makes me wonder...

Why they just can't stay.